Great Ways To Clean Your Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage jewelry really looks good, but have you ever thought of the cleaning procedure or wondered as to how you would keep your family heirloom or classic jewelry from fading? Do not worry; there are plenty of products specifically made for cleaning this type of jewelry. Classic jewelry frequently mimics fine jewelry if its crafted well by skilled craftsmen and it appears real at the first glance. Some classic jewelry is unsigned and nowadays well-known costume jewelry designers sell some exquisite collections.People usually buy vintage or classic costume jewelry to look stylish or leave a strong impression. This type of jewelry is a beautiful and perfect accessory for any casual or formal wear. It can really dress you up. This type of jewelry is usually made from metals like gold, silver, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, and with stones like pearls, opals and other gems. It should be well maintained and cleaned, so that the luster does not fade away.While cleaning costume jewelry, you should always be cautions and use brushes with soft bristles or wooden toothpicks, a hair dryer, cotton swabs and towels. You should never try to use water or high concentrated cleaning agents, as the safest method to clean vintage jewelry is also the driest method. If you wish to just clear the dust of your vintage collection, start by using dry baby brushes and if your rhinestone necklace has a fingerprint or smudge, then you can go ahead and use a cotton swab with some mild cleaning solution.Do not use soap or water to clean vintage jewelry as soap leaves a residue over the metal and thus makes the metal and the stones look dull. Water damages delicate stones and the polish. Vinegar is also considered as a harmful cleaning agent. Do not leave your vintage jewelry wet, as it will lose its sheen. You must dry the pieces thoroughly before and after adorning it. Store your vintage jewelry in a dry place because dampness encourages rusts, verdigris, and other damaging conditions.Be very careful while cleaning around enamel, as some old classic jewelry containing enamel coating will fade with destructive cleaning. You should also be extra cautious when it comes to cleaning colorful art glass because if you rub it aggressively then the coating might come off. Toothpicks are really good to clean small sockets or encrusted material; wooden toothpicks are safer than any metallic toothpick. So while hunting for a classic vintage set, be sure to understand its cleaning methods, as it is important to maintain it, it you wish to wear it daily or weekly.Keep your classic jewelry in a jewelry box and never pull out jewelry when you want to wear them as they lose their luster, rubbing against each other. Always clean your vintage jewelry before and after you wear it and store the pieces back in the boxes. To avoid scratching, you must always store your vintage jewelry separate and not with other jewelry items. You can even store them in separate pouches if you do not have a jewelry box.