Five Useful Tips For Caring For Your Own Jewelry

Your jewelry is perhaps one of your most valuable collections so it is just right that you take very good care of it. Jewelry must be clean to be truly beautiful. Diamonds in particular needs to be cleaned regularly so it won’t lose its brilliance from grease and dirt from constant use.Here are five useful tips on how to care for your jewelry:1) Always check the jewelry for any loose gems and clasp before wearing it. If you find a problem, take it to your jeweler immediately for repair to avoid losing any small pieces. Each piece is very expensive so one should always be careful.2) Always remove the jewelry when you engage in high impact activities or exposure to chemicals while doing housework. If you can’t easily remove your rings while cleaning then make sure to use rubber gloves to protect it from strong cleaning products. Even your other jewelries like earrings and necklaces is no exemption to chemical damage when you use make-up and strong fragrances.3) As for pearls and beads jewelry, it is best that you have it restring every two years or even annually by your jeweler.4) Clean it regularly and the safest method is cleaning it with mild warm soap solution. Here are some suggestions on various ways to clean your jewelries.
Use a damp cloth – This method is often use for those delicate jewelries. Just dampen a soft cloth with warm water and wipe the jewelry. This is often use with pearl strands, amber, ivory and other delicate gems.

Use Ammonia solution, rinse and dry – Soak your jewelries for a few minutes or overnight in the ammonia solution depending on how dirty your jewelries are. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to brush around and under the stone. Rinse it and wipe it dry by a soft flannel cloth.

Use warm soapy water to clean it – Soak the jewelries for a few minutes in warm water with a little dish washing liquid. Use a make-up brush or any small brush like the one use to apply an eye shadow to clean your jewelry. This will be perfect in cleaning a pearl ring or any jewelry set with precious stones.

Cleaning using Sonic – Sonic is a small vibrating jewelry cleaner for home use. Can be safely used for diamonds and all faceted colored stones.

Ultrasonic Cleaning – This is much stronger than the sonic cleaner that is used at home. This is not recommended for use at home but a professional jeweler may use this to clean your jewelries.
5) Do not put all the jewelry together. Make sure to isolate jewelry from the other to avoid it from scratching each other. You can wrap them individually in silk or paper.There are different kinds of jewelry and there are jewelries that are better leave in the hands of a professional jeweler. This kind of jewelries you should not attempt to clean at all or you might make damage on the jewelry. Better leave it on the hands of the expert.It is recommended that you seek advice first from a professional jeweler before deciding what method of cleaning to use for your own jewelry. It is worth it to be careful, besides precious jewelry is your lifetime investment.